20 Pre-baby bucket list ideas | Things to do before having a baby

Hey you lovely people! Are you planning to have a baby or are you already conceiving?

At some point in time in life, we have to give a thought about our future of our relationship and one of the topics of discussion with your partner would be having kids. 

And it starts like this  “Do you like kids”, “when would you like to have babies” and “ How many kids do you want”? and so on and so forth..........!!!!

I wish I knew after becoming a mom, things would be totally different. I had not much idea about the 13 Major "Changes" you experience as a new parent.

If starting a family is on your mind or you are a would-be mom/parent, then definitely make the most of this time and do all the fun things before the baby arrives.

The sleepless nights, painful lower half after childbirth, cleaning pukes and poops and baby blues awaits us so why waste time. Let’s dive in and complete the pre-baby or pre-pregnancy bucket list.

Pre-baby bucket list ideas ( Things to do before having a baby)

1. Travel the world: 

Picture of Italy-Pre-baby Bucket List
Travel the world - Pre-baby bucket list
Photo by 
Federico Beccari

     Traveling with a baby is not that easy. I went to Paris when my daughter was just 9 months old since she was a clingy one and always wanted to get picked up, I had to carry her most of the time. Holding her and pushing the pram at the same time was quite a tough thing for me on the trip. 

      And I am sure while exploring new places you won't want to get interrupted by screams or cries. So travel is a sure thing to do before having the little one in the club. Guys, just don’t delay it, plan a vacation soon. 

2. Sleep as much as you want:

This is the time to sleep in on weekends as much as possible. Ask your partner to make you some bed tee/coffee if possible, on some weekends. 

Take some time to make a nice breakfast and brunch, make it a bit unusual, or maybe Instagramable.

3. Enjoy more date night:

If having a baby is on your mind lately, then go for more date nights and spend quality time with each other.  

A candlelight romantic dinner with your partner is the perfect thing to do. 

So wear your hair down, get dressed up, put on some makeup, look your best, and create the best moments on dates as keeping romance alive could be challenging afterward for some time.

4. Organize your home:

Basically, you just need to declutter. Time to throw unnecessary things away and decorate your space the way you want or if needed then get it renovated. 

Before the baby gets home, make sure everything is clean and sorted.

5. Stay up late:

If you are a night person and you like doing your things by staying up late, then this is the time. 

Stay up late, binge watch web series or movies together with your partner as much you want. 

Reading books with a cup of hot chocolate sitting on a couch is the perfect way to spend more time together and enjoying things you like. 

6. Go shopping treat yourself: 

Retail Therapy - Pre-baby bucket list
Retail Therapy- Pre-baby bucket list 
Photo by Jezael Melgoza

    I am sure most of us love this retail therapy, I personally love to pamper myself by spending a few pounds on nice clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, etc. 

    I am not asking anyone to spend lavishly but get things which you like buying for yourself.

7. Catch up on current events:

Look around find out in your city if there are any shows or concerts going to happen or go to a nice place with live music and live at that moment.

May just go on marathons if happening around. Go out and about and have a gala time.

 8. Cut on your spendings:

      This is the time to reduce your spendings and to save for the rainy day. 

    Cutting on your spendings is quite an important thing you can plan before starting a family. 

     Manage your finances because you will need to buy a lot of things for your newborn in some time. 

   Make a budget and stick to it so that you can cope better with all ad hoc spendings afterward.

9. Socialize:

Plan a get-together with your friends, go out with girlfriends for clubbing or go to a fancy restaurant with your family. 

Bond with your close ones as you are going to miss this. 

After the baby arrives its gonna be just you and your little one spending more of time at home and this becomes your universe.

10. Book a Photoshoot:

Most of the women would love to book a photoshoot for themselves and their partners. This is a great way of celebrating and capturing pre-baby couple moments and your relationship. 


11. Host your baby shower:

If you are expecting, one of the exciting things you can do for yourself is to host your baby shower. 

For those who don't know, this is the ceremony which you can celebrate for your little human inside the womb and a transformation of you into a mother now. 

This is again a fun thing to do before the baby arrives but make sure you keep it not so close to your due date. 

Planning the theme, food, and gifts for other would-be moms is interesting. Invite all mum to be, family, friends and celebrate your unborn baby.  

12. Indulge in a hobby:

When you are free and want to do something cool, indulge in a hobby or some kind of fun activity you like doing.

It could be painting, pottery, cooking, writing, baking, knitting, etc.


13. Take longer baths:   

   You have the leisure and all the time in the world I guess to take a long bath on weekends or at least once in a month. 

   Throw in some petals and light some candles, pour a drink in a glass, take some nice fashion magazines, and feel like you are in a spa. 

   Enjoy or else while bathing you will get a toy digging into your bum!


        14. Do some extra crunches:

t   At the time of pregnancy and after childbirth, women can experience a lot of physical changes. 

  If you are not pregnant yet then do those extra crunches and push-ups for a more flatter belly, strong lower back, and core. 

   If pregnant, do some light exercises advised by your Doc. 

  Exercise at home or hit the gym, workout, and feel good about yourself burning those extra calories.

15. Be adventurous:

    Yes, this is the time to show how exciting and daring you are. Go get the adrenaline rush, it's the time for it. 

  Go for hiking, camping, punting, rafting, bungy jumping, bike racing, skydiving, bungy jumping, rock climbing, exploring caves, surfing, 

   Do anything which is enough adventurous for you only when you are not pregnant. or its safe doing while pregnant.

16. Go on long drives:

Long Drives - Pre-baby bucket list

Long drives - Pre-baby bucket list
Photo by Matthew Henry

If you have nothing much on your mind but won't mind being spontaneous and fine with doing random things at times going on a long drive together is a perfect idea. 

With babies or kids, it is also possible but not all babies or kids are comfortable in the car. 

So again this could be on your list while pregnant or not or before the little one arrives.

17. Booz as much you want:

In pregnancy, you are not allowed alcohol. So it’s the best time to hold your glass up, say cheers and down it as many times you want.  

Party hard because you may not get to do this anymore for a while. Cheers !!

18. Spend a day alone: 

Give a day to yourself, allow yourself to do nothing and relax or meditate. 

Sometimes doing nothing can act as therapy. 

Just stop thinking about your office work, home chores, worries and concerns for a day and relax.

19. Book all beauty appointments: 

Hairstyle - Pre-baby bucket list
Hairstyle - Pre-baby bucket list
Photo by 
George Bohunicky

Get manicure and pedicure done, put on some nice nail polish, get a facial, or maybe go for a haircut or try out new hair colour. 

After the arrival of the baby, these things are no more a routine but a luxury to be honest.

20. Wear jewellery/ carry your favorite bags: 

If  If you are going to some party or have some occasion flaunt your beautiful piece of jewellery or carry your favorite handbags.

      This is because afterward, you would end up carrying a baby bag full of diapers and wet wipes and obviously no jewellery. 


      Not that everything on this bucket list is impossible to do after having a baby, but it is just a bit difficult. 

      I have seen couples going on international trips where mum holding a 3-4-month-old baby. 

      I Hope, you get to finish all the things from the bucket list.

     Thank you for your time. Please check out my other posts too.👍

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