Tips for traveling with baby or toddler, you need to know

Traveling with baby or toddler?  Scroll down for tips for a smooth journey

Tips for traveling with baby or toddler

Hi! I know you are looking for tips for traveling with baby or toddler and you must have been planning to travel with your little one and right now this thought of traveling with a baby seems off-limits. It is common for all new parents to think this way. I too had an overwhelming feeling when I planned to go abroad with my baby for the first time. 

My little one was 9 months old when we started traveling abroad with her and I have seen a lot of couples traveling with their new-borns. So, let me tell you first, please stop worrying. It is not that difficult to travel with a baby as they can’t run off and they are not chatty like their older siblings or cousins. So lighten up and relax!!

Yes, I agree that toddlers can be in a frenzy once they are out and about, they would want to do their own things, throw tantrums, be naughty, run around I guess you just need to master the art of negotiating with them. Never works? Well just explain to them how they are expected to behave and train them a few weeks before you plan your trip.

Without further ado, here I have put together some simple but quite important tips for you to consider while traveling with your baby or toddler so that your trip or vacation is smooth and without any hassle.πŸ’ΌπŸ‘“πŸ‘’πŸ‘œπŸŒ„πŸŒˆ


A.   Traveling by Flight:

  • The first and foremost important thing before you book the tickets is to always check the policies of the airline. Every airline has its own set of policies.
  • Also, It's always better to arrive early at the airport when with a baby/ toddler.
  • Book direct flights and prefer traveling at night is the best option and I guess it works for most people as it helps stick to their routine. The bassinet can also be requested at the time of making a reservation.
  • When flying with a baby or toddler, choose an aisle seat. It is easier to get up, move around, and rock the baby to put them to sleep also easy to get up and go to the toilet as many times as you want for nappy changes.
  • Sucking or chewing helps ease ear pain, so while taking off or landing try to breastfeed/ bottle feed or give them some snacks to nibble.
  • You can choose to check-in pushchair/ buggy/ stroller or car seat with the luggage or use it till the boarding gate. Check with your airline whether they will return the stroller to the jetway or whether you have to go to baggage claim when you arrive.
  • Children under the age of 2 years do not require to have their own seats, if it's a short flight, the baby can sit on your lap. On long flights, you can always request for an empty seat. Empty seats are not always available, so if you think you can afford to buy the seat next to you for the baby. If you are traveling with a toddler too you consider buying another seat for them because it would be to difficult to keep them on a lap as they are fully mobile, opinionated, and extra active. 
  • Attach labels for your luggage to prevent confusion. There are lots of look-alikes baggage/suitcases, I am sure you won’t like to run around looking for the one belonging to you with a baby.
  • Use airport toilets so that if you are flying for an hour or so you don’t need to use the toilet on the plane.
  • You get to board early when traveling with a baby so why not to take advantage of it. But if the little one is extra active like my daughter, then request to board at last, so you reduce the time of being in a confined place.
  • Flights have a minimum amount regulation for liquids (100 ml) in carry-on baggage, this does not apply to liquids carried for babies/ toddlers during the journey but you need to inform the officer at the beginning of the screening process about it.


Some common questions are:

Question: Do babies fly free and do they need a passport and visa too?

Answer. It is a common misconception that babies fly free. Let me tell you that you need to pay for their ticket and it is around 10% of adult ticket plus taxes. Children up to two years old (24 months), are not required to have their own seat as these children may sit on an adult's lap. It is also important to know that just like us, infants too require passports and visas when traveling internationally.

Question: When can a baby travel by train or plane?

Answer: In some airlines and trains, its essential to provide a fit-to-fly letter from your doctor if your baby is less than two weeks old. I have heard that a new-borns can catch infection quickly so it's always best to keep them at home for the first few weeks of birth.




A.  Traveling by Train:

  • Traveling by train seems the best option for babies and toddlers. They are really free to move wherever they want and see the view which can keep them entertained throughout. There are I guess only 2 drawbacks, that is you just get limited luggage space and a lesser window to board or deboard the train.
  • Don’t pack too much, carry a fully collapsible lightweight buggy and less baggage. Consider traveling light and don’t take too much stuff with you.
  • Check with the train if you can bring a car seat which fits the seat of the train.
  • Arrive early and board on time to prevent unnecessary hassles.
  • At the time of arrival, make sure you check seats and under it and be ready with your luggage a few minutes early to deboard as it gives you a limited time to get off the train.



A.  Traveling by Car:

  • Make sure you install the rear-facing car seat at the back seat of your car for the baby.
  • Get some sun-blocking shades for the windows of your car to protect the eyes and skin of the baby from the sun.
  • Put on some baby music for the entertainment of the little human present inside the car. Keeping the baby entertained is the key to happy family travel.
  • Make sure the weather is appropriate for the road trip in advance.
  • Don’t leave the child alone in the car ever.


B.  Get Traveling insurance and find a local doctor:

Get a decent travel insurance, this is the most sensible thing to buy when planning a trip. Also it's always better to know where you can find a local doctor in case of any illness, allergy, or injury while traveling.


C.  Pack light:

I know it is hard to pack light when traveling with a baby or toddler but it makes life much easier if you have less luggage. Pack lightweight comfortable clothes and jackets, mix and match what you have, and don’t pack more clothes for yourself than you actually need, choose shoes that go with most of your outfits. I am sure there is more important baby stuff that you want to pack therefore you can skip your entire range of beauty products and valuables, jewellery, gadgets. If staying at a nice hotel take advantage of it and use complimentary stuff.


D.  Baby / Toddler Travel Essentials:

        Here are things to carry when traveling with baby or toddler.

  • Carry few extra diapers than what they need each day plus diaper cream.
  • Disinfectant wipes and sanitizers are musts.
  • Baby carrier and sling make you move around easily and set your hands free. Pushchairs/buggy with rain cover and a car seat is also equally important.
  • Keep extra clothes, bibs, blankets, and toys for the baby or toddler.
  • Pacifier or soother to comfort the baby or toddler.
  • Must have enough baby food, formula, or snacks. Make sure you carry the bottles with extra nipples.


E.  Fast track ticket: 

   Wherever tourist sports or adventure parks you have planned to visit always remember to book fast track tickets. Fastrack tickets are special entry tickets with a greatly reduced waiting time. Hence, no need of getting into never-ending long queues.


F.  First Aid Box: 

      This is a must as you never know when accidents happen or there is a minor injury while you are on the move. You can’t go and visit the doctor for small things so be well equipped. Carry band-aid, bandages, anti-skeptics, thermometer, and over the counter medicines and also prescribed ones, etc.


G.  Carry documents safe: 

      Wherever you go in the world you need documents when you travel. These could be passports, visas, additional documents for children not sharing the same surname or adoption papers, birth certificates, etc. Make sure you keep it in a secured place so that they are not damaged or gets misplaced while you are on the move. Remember when you are out of your country your passport is your only identification so keep it real safe with you.


H.  Liquids: 

      Make sure whatever liquids you are carrying the caps/lids are screwed tightly only after putting a layer of plastic wrap. This will help prevent leaks. And consider putting them in a separate zip lock bag.


I.  Keep baby essentials handy: 

      When traveling with a baby or toddler, it's always better to keep things handy or closer to your reach. So that if you think your baby needs something you can grab it in seconds from your bag and give it to them.


J.  Trash bag: 

      Carry a bag where you can put soiled clothes, hand towels, bibs, etc when on the move. It will be easier for you to then come back to the hotel or your Airbnb homes and do a quick laundry and get the things ready to use the next day.


K.  Ask for crib or cot : 

      If you are staying at hotel, ask the representative if they can provide a crib for the baby at the time of making reservation. These days mostly all family-friendly holiday rentals provide baby crib/cot, highchair, kids toys, etc but please check all the details of what all are there to use at the time you make the reservation.


L.  Keep your baby/ toddler occupied and entertained: 

      Carry some cheap toys which you don’t mind if it gets misplaced. Let them crawl or take baby steps to explore the place their own way. Let your toddler run around as long as you can control where they go and stay close to them when you are in a crowded place. If you don’t mind giving some screen time please let the older child use I pad or phone to watch cartoons or play games.


M.  Use Safety harness: 

      Traveling with a toddler can be a bit challenging at times. Please consider using Toddler Walking Reins or Kids Safety Harness if your little one is a bit extra active like my little daughter and like roaming around and discovering life.


N.  Reduce hopping around: 

      Before kids, my husband and I would stay one night at a place then stay the other night at some another pace, move around and try to cover most of the places while traveling together. But when you have kids it is not possible to hop around places. Now we stay in a hotel, aim to visit a few spots and return hotel on time.


O.  Use baby gears accordingly: 

      If you think the place is getting too crowdy or the weather is not that great like suddenly it becomes too hot or it starts raining heavily, in these situations, it is better to keep them in buggies or pushchairs if they refuse then you just need to wear them or use sling or baby carriers.


P.  Schedule break and nap times:

      To avoid the cranky behavior is to encourage nap times. Sometimes while traveling the kids might feel a bit tired or sleepy, either have some breaks in between or let them take some nap so that when they wake up they are fresh and ready to explore the world.


Q.  Get Vaccination: 

Travel Vaccine
Photo by Markus Spiske

     If you are planning to travel outside the country you may need to be vaccinated.

     Try to find out about travel vaccinations and speak to your GP.       

R.  Avoid public transport in peak hours: 

      While traveling with baby or toddler try to avoid public transport like bus or train in peak hours. I am sure it would be daunting to run and board the crowded train with baby/ toddler and luggage. You can skip few trains or buses when its crowded and get on the one where you can sit or stand comfortably without squeezing yourself.


Hope these tips for traveling with baby or toddler helps to make your trip smooth and enjoyable. ✌✌

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