Super tips for keeping baby warm at night in winter

Are you keeping your baby warm enough at night in winter? Here are a few tips

Keeping baby warm at night in winter

As a first-time parent, it is quite common to think about how to keep baby warm at night especially in winter and trying to figure out a way so that our little one enjoys a nice, warm and cosy sleep in those chilling months of the year.

Before having a kid, I never thought of how important their sleep is and how to keep a baby or a toddle warm at night but afterwards, it was more like what if she is too cold or too warm? How should I dress my newborn in winters whether at home or outside? Yah, I became a bit focused on making sure she falls asleep comfortably and stays warm throughout the night in winters.

Unlike adults, newborns can’t regulate the temperature of their body. Having said that I mean if they are hot, they won’t fully sweat like we do. The newborns rely on us to keep them cool, therefore it is important to have the right temperature in the nursery or the room where your little one sleeps.

It is also vital to know that when babies are too hot or cold, they would cry or become fussy but when they overheat it can also lead to Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

So how to exactly keep a baby or toddler warm in winter?

Here are few tips for keeping baby warm at night in winter:

1.  Soft breathable layering: 👚🎽

When it comes to how to dress a new-born in winters for bedtime we usually get overboard and try to put a lot of warm layers. 

Whereas experts say that we can go by how we would like to dress ourselves in winter, just put one additional layer on the baby than what you'd be comfortable wearing at night in that room. 

With babies “one layer more” is the best technique you can follow while dressing them up in winters. Use organic fabric on new-borns. Because new-borns loose body heat most from their head you can put a cotton skull cap to protect them from cold. 

Well, I was been told that there is no need to put a hat on the baby when indoor, but if the indoor feel colder and you feel the chill in the air then go for it. 

Full sleeves onesie/romper with the footie and mitten and a vest underneath is best to wear during bedtime. These days usually sleepsuits come with footie and folded mittens.

2. Use a sleeping bag: 🛌

Keeping baby warm in winters is vital but do not use too many sheets or blankets as it will overheat your baby which may cause SIDS. 

Sleeping bags or sack is a wearable blanket that won’t get tangled and your little one won’t be able to kick it off. 

There are usually different types of sleeping bags depending upon the season. They are usually 3 different sizes with different tog value. 

If the temperature is below 16 degree Celsius in the nursery, it is recommended to use a higher tog value for a sleeping bag which is 3.5 tog.  

A sleeping bag that fits properly is one of the safest types of bedding for your baby.

3. Right bedding: 

It could be challenging for us keeping baby warm at night in a cold house in the coldest months when it's freezing outside but there are lot of things you never do with the new-born like, never use a duvet, quilt, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals in crib or bassinet. 

They are not recommended for babies under 1 year old. These can cause suffocation hazard. 

Put the baby to sleep on a flat and firm mattress and not the softer one for initial few months. For toddlers, a warm blanket can be used which is well tucked no higher than their shoulders.

4. Set room temperature right: 

To be on the safer side it is best if you don’t keep the convector heater on in baby’s room at night. But if you think your house feels much colder than usual then keep the heating low. 

The ideal room temperature for a baby is between 65- 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the equivalent of 18 to 21 degrees Celsius. Keep a thermostat to keep a check on the temperature of the room.

5. Hot water bottle: 

Use a hot bottle or bag to take the chill off the crib or bassinet. Put the hot water bottle to warm the sheet on the mattress so that when you put the baby for sleep, they are warm and cosy. 

But do not forget to take it out before placing the infant inside the bassinet or crib. I personally use it on my bed when I feel cold at night especially when it's freezing outside.

6. Keep the warmth in: 🏠🏠🌞

Let the sunlight pour in during the daytime in the house which can naturally warm your house in colder months but make sure the newborn is kept out of direct sunlight. 

Most of the houses lose heat through windows when the sun goes down. Use window insulation film or Use thick curtains or stick bubble wrap to cover the windows and block the cool air. Do not place the crib next to a window.

So, if you are expecting a winter baby or if this is going to be the first winter for your little one you can consider the tips shared above on keeping your baby or toddler warm at night in winter.

Have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the weather.☕☕


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