Is your Postnatal Care and Recovery Kit ready?

Postnatal Care and Recovery Kit

Hey mama! I am sure you are ready with everything you need for the little new member of the club. Be it packets of nappies, baby clothes, baby gears… and what not. 

You might have stocked all the essentials you could think of for your little angel. But, have you given some thought about your postnatal care and recovery kit? 

Have you got enough room in your “hospital bag” to put in all the things you would need after delivery? 

Postpartum recovery is no joke. And if we mums get all the help or support at this phase it helps a lot in the recovery. 

It is incredibly easy to forget about our own care but it is also at the same time it is significate to know that your baby completely depends on you, at least for the first few months. 

Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to take care of yourself after childbirth.

This is how you need to take care of yourself after giving birth to recover faster.

1. Eat healthily: 🍳🍲🍎🍊🍅🌿

Have whole wheat, fruits, leafy greens, protein, and fibrous food, and healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds)

2. Stay hydrated: 💧💧🌊

It is important to keep yourself hydrated especially if breastfeeding. We all know that breast milk is mostly 90% water. Adequate hydration is needed for breast milk production.

3. Take rest: 🙇🙇

The best way to not feel sleep deprived is to sleep when the baby sleeps. The home chores are not that important and can wait.

4. Continue taking multi-vitamins: 💊💊

It is quite important to continue your prenatal vitamin or buy special multi-vitamins for the postpartum period which also helps in lactation.

5. Stay active: 🏃

Stay active, engage yourself in small everyday tasks. I know that at this time you are already feeling a lot of pain and soreness and we all want to be in our beds most of the time. But doctors usually advise taking short walks as this helps in the healing process.

Postnatal Care and Recovery Kit after normal delivery: 
Postpartum Must-haves

Here are the "Essentials that should be present in your postpartum recovery checklist or postpartum care kit/ afterbirth care kit"

Postnatal Care and Recovery Kit

List of must-haves in your postnatal care and recovery kit:

1. Maternity pads:

Maxi Maternity Pads is what the need of the hour is for you. To all the new mamas, lochia is similar to periods, but the flow could be a lot heavier and can last until weeks. 

The regular sanitary pads may not be breathable, thick enough, or have a soft texture. When you have got a stitch down there, you would want a pad that has a super soft top layer, thick and at the same time does not stick to the stitches. 

Postnatal Care and Recovery Kit after normal delivery
Soft maxi pad breathable underwear-Postnatal care

2. Mesh Underwear or cotton underwear:

If you don’t want to wash your stained underpants, then always buy dozens of mesh pants. These pants are comfortable, highly stretchable disposable underwear. These are also known as hospital knickers.

If you don’t prefer mesh underwear buy a few breathable high waist cotton maternity underwear for yourself. Try high waisted one as it provides the support needed to your belly area and makes you feel comfortable & secured.


3. Peri bottle:

A postpartum perineal hygiene is crucial to prevent infection especially if you had a tear in the course of your vaginal birth. 

Doctors usually recommend rinsing the area with warm water after urination to reduce burning sensation and to keep it clean.

4. Pain reliever:

You can easily get over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen. But take any medications after consulting your doctor. 

This is because whatever you consume now, some amount is transferred to your baby through your milk. 

Check with your doctor, whatever medicine you are taking is safe for breastfeeding or not.

5. Post-natal vitamins:

If you are breastfeeding, it is essential to continue supplementing your diet with multivitamins. 

These post-natal vitamins help in lactation/ breast milk supply. 

These also provide energy and immunity which is quite needed for the mother in this breastfeeding journey.

6. Breast pads and nursing bra:

Postnatal Care & Recovery Kit after normal delivery
Breast pad & spare nursing bras-Postnatal Care

When you nurse your baby there could be leaks here and there. Breast pads secure these leaks and keep your leaky nipples under the wrap.

Also, don’t forget to invest in a few comfortable nursing bras if you decide to breastfeed. Few means at least 4 to 5 so that you can skip laundry when you don’t feel like it.


7. Stool softener:

Constipation is quite common after childbirth. Moreover, if you have got stitches down there it is going to be quite scary and painful. 

A lot of women get scared of damaging the stitches. 

Pushing too hard can worsen the pain, lead to even more bleeding, and make the area sorer which is not good for the healing process at this stage.

If possible, get a stool softener in your postpartum care kit.

8. Postpartum recovery belt:

This postnatal belt can offer support to your abdominal organs and muscles. 

These recovery belts can be used immediately, postpartum belly wraps are stretchable, lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to clean.

Not advisable for mums to undergone a c-section as it might interfere in the healing in the abdominal area. 

Do not keep wearing them all the time use them in moderation.

9. Coconut oil/ nipple cream:

Postnatal Care & Recovery Kit after normal delivery
Cream/ Ointment/ Oil for sore breast- Postnatal care

There are numerous creams and balms available in the market one of which is lanolin cream which provides relief from nipple soreness.

Coconut oil is multipurpose. You can use coconut oil for consumption as a healthy plant fat or apply it on affected areas to reduce burning sensation or dryness or as hair oil.

10. Stretch mark cream:

Stretch marks appear on our body because of the expansion & contraction of the skin which is a permanent mark on our body.

To be honest with you, this won't vanish until you undergo surgery.

But you can always apply creams specially made to reduce its appearance.

Or you can also go for bio-oil which helps to fade the stretch marks.

11. Hot water bottle:

I have been using hot water bottles for ages now and I assure you it does give you a lot of soothing effect down there once put in the pelvic area.

It gives a gentle heating effect and feels better when using at the time of abdominal cramps which is caused by the shrinking of the uterus in the postpartum phase. 

It could be also used for back pains caused due to long breast-feeding time.

And last but not least.

May you recover soon and have a smooth post-delivery or after birth phase.

Take care of yourself and the baby.

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