Do you know how to help a new mom from far away?


Know how to help or show your support to a new mom from far away?

Do you know how to help a new mom from far away ?

I know that you have come up with a great idea of helping and supporting a new mom, but you might be a bit hesitant about going to the new mommy’s place thinking about the safety of mum and baby especially during COVID-19 pandemic or maybe because of some other reasons you can’t pay the new parents a visit.

If you are being thoughtful about helping a new mom/ parent and you very well know yourself about the struggles of being a new parent but don’t know how to go about it or “what to send to a new mom at home” then you are most welcome here.

I am saying this because most of us are busy juggling work and childcare at home, nevertheless, if you want to help someone in their journey of new parenthood then that’s really appreciable.

This new mom could be your friend, relative, or neighbor who might be finding it hard to adjust to her new lifestyle with her newborn. As we all know the first few weeks after childbirth could be a lot isolating and exhausting you might be wanting to give a hand by dropping in but you can’t.

Remember some people can give the impression that they are in full control of their present life situation and doesn’t need any help or support from anywhere. Maybe because she wants to hide her real emotions, vulnerability or doesn’t want to show that she is not able to handle everything properly on her own. And this often happens with new parents.

Therefore, you just need to know what they feel by being in touch with them.


Sometimes you can just assume that a new mom hasn’t got proper sleep, could not manage to do some of her home chores, might be hungry or parched. 

No need of asking them or take their permission. Also, make sure you don’t overdo it which can make the new mum feel uncomfortable.

Don’t worry, there is no need of visiting the new mom at this point when you can help them and support them from far away. This is how you can show your support:

1. Stay in touch and give a shoulder to lean on:

You can show a lot of support by giving your near and dear ones regular calls to let them know that you are always there for them if they need. In this age of technology, you can choose to keep in touch with the new parents via texting them or video call on skype. 

When calling seems inconvenient drop them a message by simply texting them. It is not always possible for new mums to speak to you as they are either rocking the baby to sleep, feeding, or busy doing chores around the house.


2. Send some groceries or food:

Parents of newborn often remain busy taking care of the newborn. They may find it difficult to go out and buy groceries or cook food at home. You can at times order some groceries or healthy food for the mew momma online. 

Nowadays there are a lot of online stores available that give "on-time deliveries" for ordering groceries and food. This way the new parents can get essential grocery items and food at their doorstep without disturbing their new routine of life.


3. Consider sending her postpartum care kit or pamper pack: 

We mums can be a bit lazy when it comes to thinking about our self-care after childbirth. In the excitement and joy of welcoming the new member in our family all of our pain subsides. 

Most often we get busy planning everything for the baby but forget to arrange for our after-birth recovery/care kit therefore you can consider either arranging postpartum essentials that a mum don’t have or running out of or gift her at home spa kit which usually includes body butter, salt scrub, shower get, face masks, hand & foot moisturizers, body lotion.

If the new mum already has a few postpartum stuff that she managed to arrange for herself but wants to stock some more you can always make a selection of things needed and put it in a pack or kit. Click on the link below to know what are the essentials of a postpartum care kit 👇.

Postnatal Care and Recovery Kit after normal delivery 

4. Send them a baby/mommy book:  

Usually mums don’t get much time to read books but if it is a book for the baby I am sure now or in the future it is not going to go waste. The newborn baby won't be able to understand anything but they recognize mum’s voice, the sounds & rhymes she makes. 

It stimulates and develops hearing skill and good practice for listening skill for the future.  You can also send mommy books that focus on the various topics about struggles of new parents, advise, breastfeeding, baby blues, self-care, postpartum depression etc. which can help the mom to be prepared for a lot of things she never thought about in the journey.


5. Send one-time paid cleaning service: 

Yes, a lot of you might be knowing that often it becomes difficult to finish doing laundry, do the dishes, clean the bathroom, vacuum the floor when you have a newborn at home to take care of. 

But please don’t forget to take permission from the new parents before making payment for the cleaning service that you want to send to their house as it should not create trouble for them. Here the idea is to help them but with their permission.


6. Gifting voucher/card for family outings or photoshoot: 

You can also consider sending them vouchers or gift cards. These gift vouchers could be a family outing too like visiting the zoo or a theme park or an animal farm. Or you can also pay and book for a family photo shoot/baby photoshoot. 

Obviously, this won't be possible during pandemics but once things get back to normal going out in fresh air having a nice outing with the baby could be an interesting idea for sure.


7. Create a playlist according to her mood: 

If you know the new mom very well you might be knowing about her taste and preferences in music too. You can consider making a collection of all her favorite songs according to her mood and share it with her so that whenever she gets time and want to listen to some music she knows where she can find her favorites. This way you can show your concern and love to the new parent even during pandemic.

So, these are a few of the thoughtful things you can consider doing for helping or supporting a new mom even after you are far away from her.

Hope, you might have got some ideas through this post. If you have some more ideas please share your ideas/views in the comment box.👇


Thank you for your time.

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