25 Things you DON'T need to buy for your baby- Save Money


"What are the baby items you don't need to buy?" 

When we turn moms, we often think we need all the best products that are out there in the market to comfort the new member of the family. But most of us fail to think about what not to buy for a newborn baby.

As a new mom, we end up buying a lot of baby stuff without giving much thoughts about the actual use of it and cost of those products. To be honest with you, there are a lot of products which are absolute waste of money and rather a lump of plastic or clutter occupying unnecessary space in my home.

Life with a baby can be different than it was before. So, you might need to know how to budget. You might have got a list on paper or in your mind regarding the things you would like to get for the baby. Now it is time to know about those baby items which you can skip and save your hard-earned money.


List of things you don’t need to buy for your baby

Here is a list of things your baby doesn't need (in my opinion). Also, there could be a lot of things on the list which you may not agree with that are useless or unnecessary but most of my job was done without using them. So, in case you want to stick to a budget or don’t want to you can skip buying these baby items.

1. Bulky Baby Bathtub: 

Baby bathtub
Photo by: Vitolda Klein

A newborn doesn’t need to bathe daily like we do. So, you need not to buy a special baby tub for your little one. 

You need to get them dry every time you use them, take space in your bathroom, and also, they soon outgrow them. You can do without it too and when a grow old you can bathe them in the bathtub we use. 

You can choose to bathe the baby in the basin for the initial few weeks by placing a hand towel to avoid the slippery surface. 

Rather than using bulky plastic tubs, you can go for inflatable bathtubs for babies & toddler which is easy to use and doesn’t take much space.

You can also bathe them in a bucket if you want which is way more easier and safe. 

2. Soft toys:

We often like to buy squishy, super soft, and cuddly toys for our little ones thinking they would love them. 

But these soft toys just look good sitting in a corner in the nursery if you are buying it for a newborn. 

For at least 2 to 3 months your baby is not going to even look at it. So, you need not to buy for your baby

Instead of getting them, soft toys buy them “rattles” because babies do respond to sound. Playmats and teethers you can buy when they turn 3 months of age. 


3. Bum Cream:

I know, you must be thinking how come bum balm or bum cream be on my list of what not to buy for baby. 

To be honest with you I have never used any kind of bum creams available in the market on my baby. 

You can substitute it with coconut oil. I have always used a good amount of coconut oil in the private parts of my baby. 

My baby never suffered from diaper rash ever. Also, I gave my baby a lot of diaper-free time and used cloth nappies so, the skin gets ample time to breath.


4. Baby shoes:

Baby Shoes
Photo by:Madhuri Mohite

I was so tempted to buy super cute baby shoes when my little one was in my tummy but never realized that it was one of the most impractical things I ever bought. 

Until your baby starts walking buying baby shoes is pointless. Till then, you can skip buying baby shoes from your "list of things to buy before the baby arrives".

Without shoes, they can spread their toes, develop an understanding of the type of surface they are walking on, try to balance themselves. 

Moreover, they are more comfortable without shoes than wearing one.

5. Too many bathing products:

I ended up buying a ton of different lotions, cream, oils, powder before my baby’s birth. 

But the question is “do you really need them?” Newborns don’t need to bathe every day and whenever they take bath, clean them with warm water for the first few weeks.

It is not a good idea to use a lot of products even when they outgrow the newborn stage. 

Just use a cleanser if you want and use a lotion or cream to keep their skin moisturized. Baby powder should never be used.


6. Baby changing table:

You actually don’t need a baby changing table and moreover, the baby furniture are way too expensive. 

Rather I would suggest you to use a baby changing mat. I never have understood why people buy an extra piece of furniture for changing purposes.

If you are sleeping or taking a nap you don’t have to get up or make extra effort to go to the changing table for changing. 

You can very conveniently use a changing mat on the bed or any safe flat surface to change your baby.


7. White noise machine:

Some parents happily use white noise machine which helps the baby fall asleep.  A few of my friends bought these for their little ones and shared their feedbacks that it has not been much help.

These days a lot of apps are available which has white noise or other soothing sounds, we basically used those. 

My baby never fell asleep listening to such sounds. She always wanted me to rock her and sing to her in order to fall asleep. 

If you want you can try using the apps with different sounds rather than buying a machine I would say.


8. Baby walker:

Baby Walker
Photo by:Jimmy Conover

A baby walker helps infants or toddlers to scoot way before they can walk. It was never on my list because I knew the risks associated with it. 

In case you don’t know, baby walkers help baby to move around the house freely causing accidents like falling down the stairs in them or bumping into different objects and causing injuries.

Baby walkers allow the baby to stand upright before they are ready to do so. This can put a lot of pressure on the hip area and the spine and lead to a long-term problem.

Nowadays, pediatrics advises not to use baby walkers ad they can be dangerous for your little one. You don’t need to rush the process, let the infants take their time for their first few steps.


9. Bassinet:

Bassinets are good for the first few months for baby.

Ultimately you will need to get a crib. 

Even crib will last your baby a few short years. 

Some cribs can be converted into toddler beds too. 

So, you can choose to skip the bassinet on your list if you are on a budget or have less space at home.

10. Bath thermometer:

You don’t need to get a bath thermometer for your baby at all. 

You can test the water by an elbow or use the inner side of the arm and can very much do without a tool just for testing how warm the water is.

Our mother’s never had any bath thermometers at that time and use to test the water using their hands.


11. Wipe warmer:

There was a huge number of wipe warmers recalled from the market as there were some defects found in them that could cause fire hazards. 

I was been told not to buy a wipe warmer by my friends who were mommies then.

In case your house is cold or it's wintertime, you can use the wipes/cotton by dipping it into warm water. 

There is no such use of using a wipe warmer so you should skip it without thinking much.


12. Hooded bath towel:

Don’t get bothered to buy a hooded bath towel for your baby. 

They look cute but they are not something you can’t do without it. 

You can use any soft and clean towel to wipe them dry, it does the same thing that a hooded bath towel can.


13. Diaper genie/ Nappie Disposal bin:

The purpose of diaper genie or diaper bin is to dispose of the diapers conveniently by locking in the odor. 

But if you can dispose of the soiled diapers every day then you need not to buy a diaper genie at all. 

Use the same rubbish bin rolls and you are good to go.  

This is again an unnecessary baby item and you can skip it or remove it from the list of essential items for the baby.


14. Baby detergent:

There is a huge range of baby detergents in the market. These products claim that they are dermatology tested, anti-allergic, environmentally friendly, fragrance-free, baby sensitive, and whatnot. 

But I never used any to be honest with you. 

I was clear in mind that I would use a detergent for the baby’s laundry which is free from scent & dyes. 

If you are too specific about baby items and want everything separately for the baby then go for it. 

But if you are not using these special baby detergents like me then you are definitely not missing out on something important so just skip this baby item too. 


15. Bottle warmer:

A bottle warmer is an absolutely useless baby item. If you pump out milk to feed your baby then you can fill some hot water into a jug and put the bottle inside it to warm it up. 

This is because you never put breastmilk in the microwave as they damage the nutrients of your breast milk.  So, better to let the milk be at room temperature.

Or if you formula feed, then use a thermos flask to keep the water warm so that if you need to feed at midnight, you can readily use the warm water from the flask and get the bottle ready in few seconds.


16. Pacifier and bottle wipes: 

Wipes made for pacifiers and bottles is something you absolutely need not to buy for your baby. 

Running the pacifier under hot water or cleaning it using water and dish soap will also solve the purpose.

Whereas bottles are concerned, sterilize them using a pot and stove. 

You can boil some water in a pot and dip the bottles or pacifiers in the boiling water and you are good to go. Some moms also put them into the dishwasher.


17. Tons of newborn clothes & diapers :

Tons of newborn sized clothes
Photo by:Jordan Nix

Babies outgrow their newborn size soon even before you realize it. 

For the first few weeks, you are going to stay at home so you would not need too many clothes or fancy outfits for your baby. 

Your baby won’t be called a newborn after 2 months of age so, don’t waste your hard-earned money in buying lots of newborn sizes of either clothes or diapers.


18. Baby Powder/ Talc:

Baby powder is something which I used a lot initially unknown of the fact that they are not safe for babies. 

Because the part of world where I used to live, it was common to use baby talcum powder.  

I have seen my aunts using powder in the diaper area or private parts of the baby to keep it dry and to prevent any sort of rash. 

Our pediatrician told us using baby powder can cause breathing problems and ovarian cancer in girls. So, it is better to stay away from this baby product


19. Baby monitor:

If you live in a small apartment like I do, you can easily hear when your baby cries so, you can do without a baby monitor. 

Or if you are planning to co-sleep (sleep with the baby in same room) by taking all the required safety measures then obviously there is no point to buy baby monitor.


20. Breast pump and bottles:

Some moms do combine feeding and some like to exclusively breastfeed their babies. To some moms breastfeeding comes naturally whereas some struggle like I did. 

In case, you are exclusively breastfeeding, and you and your baby are happy and healthy then don’t even think to get any breast pumps and bottles. Breastfeeding can save a lot of money and time too.

21. Tummy time pillow:

Photo by:Orencio Lopez Valencia

Really? Do you need a special pillow for your baby’s tummy time? These days, there are endless baby products available in the market but you need to make sure that you make the right purchase.

It is the same as travel neck support pillow and in case you got them it's more than enough. In case you have a smaller size pillow/cushion at home, you can use that too.


22. Diaper Stacker:

A diaper stacker helps to arrange the baby diapers and can be hanged anywhere easily in the room. This is the most useless thing I came across. 

You can easily store and organize diapers or cloth nappies in a drawer in your room or nursery.

Also, if you travel or thinking to do short trips with a baby in the future then opt for a multi-functional diaper bag or a maternity/hospital bag. 

Diaper bags are usually waterproof, durable, easy to carry, lightweight and you get a lot of pockets & storage space. I can’t think I could have done without a diaper bag.


23. Steriliser:

You can conveniently sterilize your baby’s bottle or pacifiers by dipping them in boiling water. 

I used to combine feed my baby that is breastfeed and top it up with some formula. 

It was easier for me to put the pacifiers, parts of the manual breast pump, nipples, bottles in the sterilizer and save time and energy. 

To be precise, a pot on the burner/stove with boiling water in it will solve your purpose as discussed above if you want to save money. If you exclusively breastfeed, you don’t need a sterilizer.


24. Baby bedding set:

The best and safest way for your baby to sleep is to put them on their back in the crib on a flat surface with nothing inside the bassinet or crib. 

Don’t use any blanket rather use sleeping bags if you can or you can also swaddle them.

Putting soft toys, pillows, bumpers, inside the crip, or any other bedding may cause suffocation and risk the baby’s life.


25. Expensive pushchair/ stroller:

Expensive Stroller
Photo by:Minnie Zhou

There are a lot of luxury strollers out there in the market that can cost an arm and leg. 

We often fall into the trap of various marketing gimmicks and end up spending a lot of money on various baby items. And one of the useful and costly items could be a stroller. 

You can actually make do with the simple one too. When my daughter was little (8 months), she never liked sitting in the pushchair for long but she loved to travel with me in a baby carrier.

You can also consider buying a sling or baby carrier if you think your baby like to be held by you every time and won’t sit in a buggy or stroller.

Better to go for a simple a stroller that solves the purpose and which is pocket-friendly too.

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