17 HACKS-How to keep Baby Cool in Summer without Air Conditioning

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Summers in England

Summers is the time of year which everyone waits for eagerly in UK. The long summer days show off the brighter side of the country. Summers here are generally mild but inside the house, in hot days you might find it hard to cope with the heat. 

Most of the buildings in the country are not designed keeping the scorching hot days in mind. When the temperature goes above mid-20s and reaches around 30 degree celcius at times, it is almost a struggle to keep the home cool.  

The ideal temperature for babies

Well, it is said the ideal temperature for babies is around 16-20 Degree Celsius. But in the sizzling heat without air conditioning, it gets tough to beat the heat at home, isn’t it? Let’s see what can be done to keep your baby cool and comfortable in summers without air conditioning at home.

Babies depend on us on keeping them cool and comfortable in hot weather. Because they cannot regulate the temperature of their body by their own. Babies overheat and dehydrate much quicker than we do. 

How to know if your baby is overheated

Here are few signs of an overheated baby:

1. When you feel they are too warm to touch

2. Their skin gets red.

3.     When they cry to show they are uncomfortable.

4. When they are lethargic.

5. They might develop rashes on their skin

6. Damp hair.

7. When they don’t have much wet nappies.

How to keep baby cool in summers without air conditioning?

These are few ways you can consider stopping babies from getting overheated in hot weather:

No Aircon? No problem.. Try out these super simple hacks to keep your baby cool and comfortable in hot weather.

Heatwave Hacks:

1. Block the direct sunlight from coming in: 

curtains-to-block sun-to-keep-baby-cool-in-summers-without-air-conditioning
Photo by Justin Schüler

The best way to keep the nursery or any other room in your house cool is to block the sunlight. Keeping the curtains or blinds closed will prevent the room from getting heated. 

Rather open other windows of house where there is no direct sunlight penetrating the room but just the breeze. (when outside air is cooler than inside)

2. Put a bowl of ice in front of fans: 

Using a bowl of ice in front of table fan is one of the techniques to turn the hot air blowing out of the fan to pleasant breeze. 

Even after ice melts, the cool water left behind continues to cool the room though at slow rate. Once the water becomes less cool again you can refill it with ice. 

3. Fan facing out the window/door technique:

When the fan is facing out the window blows the hot air out and the cool air fills in the room. As the cool air comes in the temperature drops. This is only possible when the air outside is cooler than air inside.  

Cooking, baking or washing also can add up to the heat levels at your home. Don’t forget to use exhaust fan when doing all these activities. This will suck all the hot air/ steam from your home and throw it out further help to drop the temperature of your house.

4. Stay Hydrated: 

Regardless of the baby being breastfed or bottle fed its good idea to to offer more feed. Just like we need extra fluids in summers so do the babies. Keep the level of liquid intake up in summers.   

Consider giving more liquids like juice, smoothies to older babies apart from water.

Monitor how many wet nappies does the baby have. If not much, then that means the baby is not drinking enough.

5. No cot bumpers or blankets needed: 

Allow a plenty of airflow through the rails by not using cot bumpers or soft toys or blankets in the cot. 

First of all using these can be risky and may cause SIDS and secondly, you don’t want to block the air flow.

6. Lightweight loose and less breathable clothes: 

Though no one will add any layers of clothing in warm weather, it is also crucial to know the type of clothing you choose for your little one. 

Cotton is considered as best fabric for hot weather. It soaks up sweat and allows the heat to escape the body. Other summer friendly fabrics are linen and rayon.

In the daytime let your kids crawl or cruise around the house in diapers. And night just add a onesie in their clothing and that’s it.

7. Move the baby in a cooler room:

Some rooms of your house can be hot while some pleasant. If you think you have got a cooler room in your house where your baby will be more comfortable then move the baby in that room for the time being. 

If downstairs is cooler, then consider moving their bed (bassinet or cot) downstairs if possible. Because hot air has a tendency to move up , so if you wish you can too move to downstairs/ basement or consider to make a bed on floor.

8. If sitting in the garden under shade use sunscreen: 

Relaxing in your garden under a big umbrella or shade is what most of us would like to do when staying inside home is seems impossible. 

Consider using sunscreen even if you are under any shade, UV rays can slink through and can damage your skin. 

Keep the baby out of direct sunlight. Babies from 6th months onwards can use sunscreens.

Throwing a brimmed hat and sunglasses can go a long way in keeping the little one cool.

Trees and shrubs around your house provide shade and stop the blazing sun and heat from getting in. 

9. Encourage water play:

Child playing with water in inflated pool in summer
Photo by Jeremiah Lawrence

If you have a pool take advantage of it. Allow your little one to play in the pool for a little longer (not when heat is intense from 11 am to 3 pm) under supervision. 

If you got an inflatable pool, use it under a shade.Water play is fun way to keep babies and toddlers cools. 

Cool water in bathtub (indoor) with lots of floating bath toys is going to keep your baby cool and entertained at the same time.

10.  No need to warm food or milk:


There is not much need of warming the food or milk in summers. Serve the food in room temperature to older babies. 

Carrot sticks, steamed broccoli, cheese, bread, home-made muffins are some of the finger foods can be served cold. Cucumber, lettuce, watermelon, strawberry contains more water content, and these are great to cool you down.


Home-made popsicle can also be given to older babies or toddlers in the hot weather.

If you bottle feed, you can consider serving the milk at room temperature rather than warming it up. 

11. Breathable baby gears:

Wearing your baby in hot days is not something you would like much. Your baby might feel like a hot water bag on your chest at times. 

When my daughter was tiny, she always wanted me to pick her up. Whether I am trying to fold a few laundries or clean the room I had to carry her in a sling. 

If you got a super clingy baby, light weight breathable slings or baby carriers are the best option for summers.

Otherwise, in summers it is always better to put your baby in the stroller. You can go take a stroll with your baby when the air is cooler in the evening.

12. Use a stroller fan & shade:

If you are out an about try using stroller fan and a stroller shade for your baby. Stroller fans are available in the market which you can clip on/ attach to your baby’s stroller to cool them down in hot weather. 

13. Baby summer sleeping bags/ lightweight swaddle wraps:

Put the baby in a cot in half sleeves cotton onesie, nappy and sleeping bag. For summers, you can use 0.5 to 1 tog sleeping bag. 

If you swaddle your newborn, choose a swaddling wrap which is pure cotton, as cotton is both lightweight and breathable. 


14. Use damp cold face towel to wipe forehead, neck, hands:

Yes, a damp cold muslin cloth or a face towel can be used to wipe your limbs, neck, forehead. 

Or if you have a spray bottle, fill in some cold water and spray some water on your little one to give some cooling effect in the hot weather. 

15. Cover the window with damp cloth:

Another well tried technique is using a damp muslin cloth across the window or a damp sheet across a door so that when the air blows, you get some pleasant breeze.

16. Open all the windows in cool hours for ventilation:

A well-ventilated room is good for our respiratory system. Open all the windows for cross ventilation during early mornings or evenings. 

Also, it allows your baby to get some fresh air during the day. Rooms with little or no ventilation can lead to overheating and can also affect your baby’s respiratory system. 

17. Cool Escape:

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Is your home unusually hot & nothing is working for you to keep your baby cool? Not possible to stay at home without air condition on some sizzling hot days? 

Go for a short distance travel or escape to a cooler place it could be your friend’s/ parent’s place or a nearby coffee shop, ice scream station, shopping malls, library, museums etc. 

Things to keep in mind:

1. If you are going out, don’t leave your child in car even for short duration as cars heats up in no time.

2. Try to stay indoors from 11 am to 3 pm when the heat is intense.

3. Keep the fan in a safe place to avoid any accidents. Place it well away from potential contact. Cords should be out of reach from your baby. Invest in fan guard if possible.

4. don’t be tempted to add on layers of clothing at night. 

5. Satin sheets or woollen blankets should be removed from bedding. 

6. Always use sunscreen when out with wide brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect their little eyes.

7. Offer them all the summer fruits and vegetables and more fluids. 

8. Do not leave kids unattended in bathtub or pool.

9. Give babies enough diaper free time or choose cloth nappy during daytime. 

10. Don’t put soft toys, bedding, crib bumpers in the cot thinking it will give comfort to your baby. 

11. If using blinds, make sure the cords are out of your child’s reach consider tying them high. 

12. Take all necessary precautions if you want to open windows of your home like no furniture available near windows for your baby to climb, open window outside child’s reach, install window guards and use window stoppers.

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